This is what I have been saying all along! You must have BOTH certifications! #Repost @gmofreeusa_official with @get_repost ・・・ What’s the Difference? There is some confusion about what the USDA Organic and the Non-GMO Project Verified labels mean. Here’s what you need to know: Non-GMO Project Verified does NOT mean Organic or grown without synthetic pesticides. Non-GMO Project Verified means conventionally grown from non-GMO seeds and with testing of the supply chain/product to make sure there is no more than nine tenths of 1% GMO contamination (this is the same standard used in the EU). Conventionally grown non-GMO foods can still be grown with synthetic agrichemicals, such as glyphosate, dicamba, neonicotinoids, chlorpyrifos, etc. Certified Organic is a government regulated standard where the crops must be grown from organic seeds (GMO seeds are not allowed) and free of most synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals. BUT-there is little testing for potential GMO contamination under USDA Organic & crops may go to market even if they are heavily contaminated, as long as the grower shows that they didnt purposely plant with GMO seeds. So for high-risk GMO ingredients such as corn, soy, sugar from sugar beets, canola oil, cottonseed oil, potatoes… look for BOTH the USDA Organic AND the Non-GMO Project Verified labels to avoid toxic synthetic pesticides & GMO contamination. NOTE #1: BEWARE OF FAKE NON-GMO labels. The Non-GMO Project Verified butterfly label is the only one that’s trustworthy! NOTE #2: The National Organic Program (NOP) allows the use of certain natural-based and synthetic substances as pesticides. The NOP’s National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances details about 25 synthetic products (versus over 900 allowed in conventional agriculture) that are allowed to be used in organic crop production. These include alcohols, copper sulfate, and hydrogen peroxide. NOTE #3: The only organic based certification standard in the U.S. the prohibits ALL synthetic pesticides is Biodynamic certification. #food #GMO #health #holistic #holistichealth #pesticides #organic #gmofreeusa #toxinfree

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