#Repost @gmofreeusa_official with @get_repost ・・・ The most recent glyphosate cancer lawsuit resulted in a jury award of $2 billion in punitive damages against Bayer–Monsanto, studies are raising health concerns at very low levels & glyphosate is finally getting some much needed attention. As we learned during the tests of restaurant food (link in bio) glyphosate has become a hidden ingredient in much of the food we eat. But there are things we can do to take back control of our food. We’d like to share one you may not have considered. Health Research Institute Laboratories (HRI Labs) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit lab dedicated to performing research in the interest of promoting healthy, environmentally sensitive and humanely produced foods, foods free from environmental contaminants, agrichemical residues, adulterants and additives. HRI Labs is testing for glyphosate in urine as part of a crowdfunded study to document correlations between diet, lifestyle, geography, and exposure to glyphosate and the levels found in the urine of people and pets across the United States. The effective level of glyphosate measured in urine is an indicator of environmental exposure through food, air, and water. The study will paint a true picture of nationwide exposure that will provide a foundation for regulatory reform. The test is also an excellent tool which can be used to gauge whether dietary or other changes are needed to reduce your exposure. The test, using LC-MS/MS – the gold standard among scientists for sensitivity and reliability in testing pesticides – is the most sensitive and affordable screen for glyphosate available in North America, and also screens for AMPA, a metabolite of glyphosate, at no extra cost. This is important because it’s necessary to take both glyphosate and AMPA into account to more fully assess exposure to glyphosate. GMO Free USA has teamed up with HRI to bring you a $20 discount on their already low price, bringing the cost down to $79/test. Also available to Canadians w/o free shipping. Test yourself. You have the power! Use code GMOFREE79 #BanRoundup #Glyphosate #carcinogen #herbicide #WeedKiller #agriculture #health #food #affiliate #holi

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