My Story

In 2013, my Mother almost died from a “digestive disorder”. She laid in a hospital for weeks unable to keep anything down or in. She was eventually diagnosed with Celiac disease. They biopsied her intestines just to see what the traditional blood test for Celiac didn’t detect. They only told me that diagnosis after I had taken her out of the hospital and cured her by simply changing her diet. When I wrote the Doctor to tell him of her miraculous recovery, his response was, “She has celiac we detected from the biopsy” yet ironically enough the entire time she was in the hospital she was fed everything that someone with a gluten intolerance shouldn’t be fed. Saving her life through food led me on my journey to educate and help anyone wanting to listen about the power of food. My passion now is making that food wholesome and chemical free so that it nourishes a body not destroys one.

In 2015, I left a very lucrative career as a television Producer to work for a company that was doing the right thing, MegaFood. Today, I am a Senior Territory leader for them and love that I help improve people’s lives on the daily through education and the passion I hold for clean, wholesome supplementation. Helping people discover brands that are leading the good fight through this website has become my obsession.

Dawn Wilson

Founder & CEO

Before her journey began being a wellness advocate, Dawn was a television producer who produced some of the most widely successful shows of our time. Now her passion is making sure our world is safe and sustainable for future generations. That starts with food for her. She believes knowledge is power and good health is our birth right.

Desiree Siahaan

Healer & Wellness Advocate

Desiree is a born healer. A spiritual intuitive who at a very young age was able to heal people through her innate ability to read their energy. She practices various healing modalities like Reiki and believes that her South East Asian culture helps her value food and understands the importance of sustainable and organic crops.

Next Steps…

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